Kaspir the solution to prevent contamination from Covid-19 indoors.

Sistema di aspirazione e sanificazione da coronairus covid-19 per ambienti pubblici

The applications of the KASPIR system are numerous

Kaspir is in fact a system designed to protect against COVID and to sanitise all relatively small environments frequented by several people, where there are concentrations of people, with the risk of contamination by any pathogenic germs emitted by breathing (aerosol) or by sneezing/coughing (droplets) by people bearing pathogenic germs.

  • Food service establishments (bars, restaurants)

  • Shops and shopping centres

  • Waiting rooms in public or private offices, banks or ticket offices

  • Hospital waiting rooms

  • Waiting rooms in doctors’ surgeries

  • Schools, kindergartens, gyms

  • Public transport, buses, subways, trains, planes

Kaspir impianto di aspirazione e sanificazione aria in un ristorante, protezione da coronavirus Covid19

The KASPIR system provides different shapes of suction inlets depending on the specific requirements, which may arise during the study of the application in the specific location.

In some cases, KASPIR can be combined with conventional mechanical ventilation systems (VMC).

The suction inlets can be equipped with a vertical adjustment system (up and down), to allow those present to adjust it to a position that suits them.

The solution of possible intermediate branches can also allow the KASPIR system to fit in the best possible way in the various rooms.


The installation of KASPIR in workplaces is one of the specificities of the system, which allows to increase the safety of the microclimate of such places, in compliance with the laws in force, limiting the biological risk deriving from COVID-19 and giving the Work Employer the security (reduction of the biological risk) on the use of the places by his workers.


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