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KASPIR is based on an empirical insight and a theoretical calculation, that has not been materially tested.

However, on the basis of our several decades of knowhow and experience (in industrial design and in the world of patents), we have little doubt about its practical functionality and efficiency.

Very important results and low manufacturing cost.

KASPIR has been protected by an Italian patent application, which we will extend anywhere in the world in due course.

Now all we have to do is to build and test KASPIR and request certification from laboratories able to ascertain its scientific functionality.

We are looking for: financiers, sponsors, donors, even technical contributions, manufacturers who want to implement the system, possible licensees, in short technical and economic contributions.

If you are interested in a collaboration please contact us using the form below or

call +39 347 8131499

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Reggio Emilia - Modena - ITALY
Phone - +39 347 8131499
E-mail - kaspir@haspaul.it

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