An innovative and effective solution to prevent covid-19 infection and counter the coronavirus epidemic in indoor environments

Introducing KASPIR

Killer Aspirator

Continuous cycle air extraction system for sanitizing, recirculating and decontaminating public and private environments from covid-19 coronavirus.

The KASPIR is an aspirator capable of counteracting the spread of aerosols and droplets emitted by infected persons.

Our system provides constant protection against Covid-19 by continuously sanitizing and recirculating the air in closed environments.

It is widely believed that the new coronavirus Covid-19 is a respiration virus that spreads mainly through droplets emitted by infected persons when they sneeze or cough and through breathing acts (aerosols).

It is therefore extremely dangerous to breathe the air formed in a closed environment, especially if the volume of the environment is small in relation to the number of people present (buses, bars, restaurants, schools, gyms, etc.).

It should also be stressed that it is often not enough to open a window to ensure an adequate exchange of the air that stagnates in a crowded environment. So what solution should you choose for the disinfection of closed rooms from covid-19?

The new aspiration system significantly reduces the risk of covid-19 infection in enclosed spaces.

Our aspiration system consists of several suction inlets (connected to a single suction collector) positioned above the tables and at a short distance from the heads of the people in the room.

The aspirating action sucks in the air around people’s heads together with the droplets/aerosol emitted by them and any pathogenic germs before the air expands and contaminates other people.

WITHOUT special ventilation system

In this film, the room is a traditional one, i.e., with no special ventilation system.

The breathing (green) of a contaminating person (virus carrier) will spread, horizontally, for several minutes, invading the areas where other people are located, with a high risk of contaminating them.

WITH special KASPIR ventilation system

In this film, a KASPIR extraction system is installed in the same room.

KASPIR constantly sucks in air from the room through special suction inlets located above the tables and at a short distance from the heads of the users gathered in the room.

The suction produces an upward movement of the air, dragging with it droplets / aerosols emitted by people by people as they talk, breathe, cough, laugh, sing or sneeze, etc., before this emission reaches the heads of people nearby: the risks of contagion present in such situations, where large amounts of Covid-19 coronavirus, as well as many other pathogenic germs, can be produced, are therefore eliminated.

The suctioned air is recirculated through a burner (using infrared rays, but other techniques are not excluded) which destroys the viruses and pathogens passing through it with its heating, and reintroduced into the room itself, compensating for the imbalance in pressure caused by the suction of the upper inlets.

The KASPIR aspiration and recirculation system

PREVENTS pathogenic germs of any kind, emitted by each person, from spreading horizontally and being inhaled by other people present.

PREVENTS contamination caused by viruses such as covid-19 as well as bacteria and allergenic spores being released into an enclosed environment.

Applications of KASPIR

The applications of the KASPIR sanitisation system are manifold: it is suitable for all closed places frequented by the public, where dangerous crowds of people can be created.

Restaurants, bars, shops

Banks, post offices








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