Sanitization of rooms and indoor air becomes fundamental in the COVID age

Sistema di aspirazione e sanificazione da coronairus covid-19 per ambienti pubblici
April 15, 2021

The sanitization of environments and indoor air becomes fundamental in the COVID age, to limit the transmission in closed spaces and the KASPIR system is able to keep the air clean in such rooms.

The Superior Health Institute (ISS) has also expressed its opinion on the matter, indicating that in order to limit the spread of COVID, it is necessary to “always ensure an adequate rate of ventilation and air exchange” (ISS COVID-19 Report no. 25/2020 of the ISS Biocide Covid-19 Working Group).

KASPIR can not only facilitate the transition from the present situation of emergency to normal social life, by keeping public places safe, in cases where they must be frequented by several persons who do not live together or are part of the same household, but will also allow in the near future to contain the spread of Covid, which may continue to be present or spread in such places (albeit in a milder or moderate form).

KASPIR does not presume to completely eliminate the personal protective equipment (surgical masks, CE-marked PPE or authorised by the Superior Health Institute ISS or by INAIL), which all the people is now used to wearing, but it can give people a further stimulus to allow them to slowly resume an almost normal social life, reconnecting those interpersonal contacts that have been lost in this year of pandemic.

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