Controlled mechanical ventilation ( CMV) important in small environments to enable COVID to be counteracted.

Sistema di aspirazione e sanificazione da coronairus covid-19 per ambienti pubblici
Aprile 15, 2021

There is a growing conviction that Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) is important in relatively small environments to combat Covid.

In particular, the opinion on the great social, current (and future) usefulness of controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV), integrated into public transport or introduced into public places, classrooms, etc., is very much to be welcomed.

It is an accepted fact, based on the various opinions expressed by experts in recent months, that it is necessary to ensure a regular exchange of air in all rooms, by means of natural ventilation (i.e. frequent opening of doors/windows), but it is often not possible to guarantee this type of ventilation when people are present/crowded. Environmental situations that do not allow this are, for example, the proximity of the rooms to roads or particularly busy and/or noisy areas or in the presence of environments that must necessarily guarantee a controlled microclimate (hospital wards).

In these cases, therefore, the only alternative is to install a mechanical ventilation system with enhanced performance such as KASPIR.

There are finally indications that the media and the public administration are paying attention to the usefulness of mechanical ventilation systems: the Marche Region has already implemented a call for tenders to finance the installation of mechanical ventilation systems in schools.

However, attention must be paid to the fact that the known controlled mechanical ventilation systems are not all of the same value for combating Covid.

More precisely, a general exchange of indoor air to sanitise the air is not sufficient to achieve an efficient result.

On the contrary, the KASPIR product, which we have designed and patented, can achieve operational and functional results in counteracting contagion and sanitisation that are absolutely higher than what known technology can do, for the following reasons:


KASPIR has a solution that uses a plurality of suction ports placed in the upper part of the room, in a strategic position, to quickly suck in the breath emitted by the people present, so as to prevent this aerosol from spreading laterally and reaching others present.


Each suction inlet involves a limited number of people, so that the sucked air/breath completes a short path with a strong vertical component, and is therefore rapidly removed from the environment, preventing its expansion in the room. For this reason, several inlet vents are provided in the most crowded positions.


The suctioned air/rebreath is channelled through a Covid-19 inhibiting device called a “burner” with infrared rays, which strike the pathogenic germs flowing through it and destroy them. As the destruction of the various pathogens takes place, the air that leaves the burner is reintroduced clean into the environment; alternatively, it can be expelled outside the environment at any point, without generating a dangerous viral load for passers-by.

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